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Top Window Cleaning Tips For Your Home Windows

Can you imagine a house without windows? These are ways to welcome sunlight and bring in fresh airs. But with air, comes the dust. Little particles of dust blur the view over time. So, like any other household stuffs, you need to clean your windows more often than once in a year.  And you got to be careful as thick streaks of cleaning leaves more stains. 

Let’s try some techniques to clean up our home windows the way we never did. 

Start in a Cloudy day

Don’t go to clean your windows in a sunny day as the sun will dry your windows before you wipe out the soap. Eventually it will leave more stains. Choose a dry and cloudy day or start with the shady side of the house. Also, look for the time of a day, when the air flow is more rapid. It helps to absorb the extra moisture if needed. 

Clean dry

Before using water or soap, clean out the dust dry using a brush or vacuum cleaner. This way, the dirt won’t turn into some muddy mess when you mix the soap in water. 

Pop-out your window screen and clean it in warm water using soft brush and let it dry before using any cleaner chemical. 

If your window is not cleaned for several years, it can store some mud which can be hard to clean. And using direct water can make the mud leave permanent stain. So, start with cleaning dry. Vacuum the dirt away and make a clear way to use any kinds of chemical. 

Make the elements

Quick question, ‘Do you know why the professional cleaners use microfiber pads to clean glass sealed windows?’  I’m sure there’s a pretty good reason. Most people clean their windows using only vinegar solution and paper towel. But it’s so much time consuming and most of the time it leaves stains and doesn’t even gets cleaned properly. 

There’s got to be a better way! 

Well, there is a better way. You just need a microfiber scrubber and some dish liquid. Of course, a bucket and a towel as well. Just drop few drops of dish liquid into your bucket and fill it about half way with warm water. 

Dip the scrubbing pad into your mixture and apply it to the glass in an S pattern.Try to get into all of the corners. Now, use the squeezer and start at the top wiping from one side to the other, just like they do with the gas station. 

Then, you can use the microfiber cloth to wipe the frames and corners clean just to catch any of that extra moisture. Now, you can attach an extra pole to your scrubbing tool to reach windows that would be normally out of reach. Just make sure you buy a threaded scrubber and that you have a threaded extension pole. 

You can also use this technique indoors. Just use less water on your scrubbing pad and maybe for good measure place a rag or cloth at the bottom of the window to protect your window sills. 

  • If you have tree sap dead bugs or other crusty bits on your window, just use a scraper to get them off. 
  • If you want to use glass cleaners
  • If your window looks extra dirty, don’t hold back to go for a cleaner. But you’ll be needing plenty of cleaner to dissolve and suspend the dirt so it can be completely wiped away. 
  • Instead, try invisible glass cleaners. The liquid stays exactly where you spray until you whip it. No extra dipping or mess. 

Here’s the recipe to make homemade glass cleaner. You’ll be needing:

  • Water – 2 cups

  • Cider Vinegar – ½ cup

  • Rubbing Alcohol (70% concentration) – ¼ cup 

Use safety precautions before using any chemical elements in washing windows. It can cause permanent damage if it enters your eyes. 

While cleaning with glass cleaners, don’t just go for newspapers or thin sheets. Instead, using paper towel or fiber scrubber would be better. Papers and weak towels leave lint behind when these are wet. 

Avoid Squeegees

Though professional cleaners never forget to use this item, but you must need to know how to use it right. Otherwise, you wet your floor every time you squeeze down. The water makes mess and all the dipping makes your work more exhausting. But it’s not recommended to throw them away altogether, just use them in big windows. They’re more efficient there. 

Start with a routine

You don’t need to clean your windows every now and then. Maybe once or twice in a year. But whenever you do, divide your work into rooms or windows. You can try some patterns to make your work look easier. Such as, clean one window horizontally, other one vertically. Or clean one particular side of the windows at a time then do the other part altogether. 

Short Tips: 

  1. If you’re washing window screen also, do that before washing the window glass. 

  2. Wash windows from the top down.

  3. Don’t wash windows when the sun is shining brightly. You know why.

  4. Use a squeegee to dry the windows after washing them.

  5. Dry each window right after you wash it.

  6. Use an old towel to wipe the squeegee between swipes, and also catch drips.

  7. Wipe off and dry the window still and frame after window cleaning.

  8. Be safe while washing windows, and know when to call in the professionals.