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How Conservatories & Sunrooms Can Enhance Your House

Our house is a place where we could be ourselves, in our most relaxed state. There’s a saying, home is where the heart is. What’s more, if your home is cozy and large, you may not like to leave your home. In fact, some people are so attached to their home, they prefer to work from home rather than commuting to the office. Furthermore, if you have a conservatory or sunroom in your home, you may never want to leave it.

The meaning of each of these terms, sunroom, and conservatory, has become somewhat indistinct over time. If we look back at the past, however, we can determine what makes each type of home addition unique. (Rest assured, if you choose an experienced home improvement contractor, you will get the indoor/outdoor room of your dreams, no matter what you call it. You can specify the details of your sunroom or conservatory.)

Read our quick guide to the conservatory and sunroom and how these excellent additions can enhance your house.


Conservatories & Sunrooms: How They’re Similar

Both types of room are meant to marry indoor living space with the outdoors while keeping you completely comfortable—even as the seasons and weather (outdoor temperatures) change. Both structures are typically added to the rear or side of your home, providing expansive views of your exterior landscaping and tons of natural light.

These rooms provide a nice place to unwind and relax, at the end of the day, in a comfortable chair with a book and coffee; or a place to have breakfast, without actually being outdoors. Conservatories and sunrooms can also offer a place to entertain friends or can even serve as your home office or art studio. You’re typically protected from rain, insects, and excessively hot or weather. Both types of structure can enhance your house and be designed to complement the style of your home.


How They Can Enhance Your House

A ‘Wow’ Factor ​

Both a conservatory and a sunroom give off a ‘wow’ factor that doesn’t come with other home additions. Some people with conservatory or sunrooms in their homes have mentioned that people will stop along the side of the road to point at their sunroom in admiration. Others have said their room has quickly become the family’s gathering place when everyone is over.

You can choose your own vision when thinking about whether a conservatory or a sunroom will best show off your home. Most people thinking about a conservatory want their home addition to sending forth a feeling of regency and romanticism. This feeling is usually manifested already within the house, but a conservatory can work to set a new tone for your home as well.

Sunrooms tend to be a little more versatile. You are welcome to give them a romantic, reagent look, but you can also design them so they blend in a little more conspicuously with your house.


Increase the value of your home

Conservatory or sunroom not only benefit you while you are living in your house, but they can also help greatly when you plan to sell. Beautiful and functional conservatories or sunrooms are a great part of your home’s overall value because home entertainment has become a prominent part of our lifestyle as homeowners. While hopefully, you’ll stay to enjoy your conservatory or sunroom for many years, if selling your home is in your future, building one can enchant potential buyers and potentially raise your asking price.

We highly recommend that you source your conservatory or sunroom before building to make sure it is made of high-quality materials to ensure quality and durability. If you bear this in mind, this investment can be an easy way to do some home improvement without making any intense changes.


Maximizing Light

With a glass roof, you are going to have optimal sunlight through every season of the year. During the summer, the sun’s arc is highest as it moves across the sky. With a conservatory, you’ll maximize the sunlight in your room, from dawn until dusk.

In the winter, maximizing sunlight will be a much higher priority, as it is cold and uncomfortable to get outside for more than minutes at a time. Luckily, the sun’s arc is relatively lower in the sky during the winter, which will give you a better angle for sunlight to enter your room. In light of this, a conservatory’s sun exposure doesn’t differ exponentially when compared to a sunroom’s sun exposure.


More Space for Garden Items and Plants ​

Some people use conservatories and sunrooms to grow plants throughout the year.  In fact, conservatories are used in communities throughout Ireland for botanical life. These conservatories are used to house exotic plants that normally wouldn’t grow in cold climates, but they also bring people together as event centers for parties and weddings.

Both the conservatory and the sunroom strengthen plants very well, with sunlight coming in from all angles and durable building materials keeping the room temperate year-round. Their differences come from the types of plants you are looking to grow.

Some plants are comfortable with unlimited amounts of sunlight, while others prefer more shade. For example, the succulents found in arid climates are built to be in the sun all day. These plants can be beautiful additions to a home’s conservatory. Meanwhile, the plants you find on the ground of forests are better equipped for less sunlight and more shade. They would be better suited for a sunroom.


Additional Living Space ​

Most people who want a conservatory or a sunroom are interested in additional living space. You might be adding a member into the family or feeling confined in your current home. Conservatories and sunrooms are usually used as a way to change things up in the home after it begins to feel a little too familiar.

Regarding additional space, there isn’t much difference between the conservatory and the sunroom. Both types of structures are capable to accommodate the space you have, and both provide a refreshing new room to build memories in.



Whether you decide on a conservatory or sunroom, we are sure you will enjoy the extra space and the view, all year round.