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Aluclad Window and Door System been launched

After years of design and testing, our Aluclad  window and door system has just been launched to the market. Designed for the Irish harsh damp weather our new Aluclad is called EKOCLAD.

This Aluclad system has a designed aluminium profile on the outside and engineered Nordic pine timber on the inside. The timber is totally protected by the aluminium making this a maintenance free window and door system. This new Aluclad system has been designed to handle the largest triple glazed unit which is 52 mm thick and boasting a centre pane u-value of 0.5.

Launching this week is our Casement, Resi Doors, and French Doors range. In a couple of weeks we will have Tilt/Turns and to follow will be Bi-Folding Doors and Lift and Slide Patios.