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5 Tips To Watch Out For When Choosing a Window And Door Supplier

It can be very daunting when getting quotations and choosing a window and door company to install your new windows. There is allot of advice and opinions floating around and the jargon that is used makes the whole experience frightening. Here are a few simple tips that separate the boys from the cowboys.

  1. Make sure your window supplier manufactures the windows themselves, as the quality can be controlled. There are really cheap windows and doors been imported at the expense of the consumer. If a company manufactures its own products they would also have the qualifications to carry out any maintenance work.
  2. To protect your consumer rights always ask for an invoice for work carried out, as a rule no invoice no warranty.
  3. Know what warranties that you are getting and make sure that you get them in writing and know what procedures is required to make a claim against the warranties. It is also important to know what annually maintenance and inspection that is required to keep your windows and doors in great condition.
  4. There should be a proper contract drawn up so that the consumer knows exactly what they are getting. The specification is very important, e.g. colour, security options, glass types, product types and many more.
  5. All work should be registered for The Home Renovation incentive Scheme or (HRI), Even if you don’t meet the minimum threshold of €5000. You can combine all home improvements invoices to meet the minimum threshold to qualify for the scheme.