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Aluclad Bi-Folding Doors

DL Windows proudly presents our meticulously crafted Aluclad Bi-Folding Doors, manufactured using the finest materials, including the renowned Centor hardware. As a leading supplier in the Bi-Folding Door industry, Centor delivers top-quality wheels, tracks, and hinges, ensuring exceptional performance and durability. Our doors combine the strength of engineered timber on the inside with an elegantly designed aluminium section on the outside, making them an ideal choice for the diverse weather conditions in Ireland.

With the ability to span up to an impressive sixteen meters in width, DL Windows' Aluclad Bi-Folding Doors create expansive, open spaces. Moreover, they feature a low-profile threshold, ensuring convenient wheelchair accessibility. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, style, and adaptability with DL Windows' Aluclad Bi-Folding Doors, expertly designed to enhance your living environment