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Why go for a Bifold Door for Your Home?

bifold doors

Feeling claustrophobic? Or are you annoyed by door panels taking up way too much of your valuable space? – In the modern day our homes are getting smaller and smaller and we are constantly getting more cramped in our very own homes. In situations like this, we need to come up with new ideas and methods that will help us continue living at the highest comfort. Bifold doors are a fresh and innovative way of improving the aura and aesthetic of your room. With one simple swap of a door, you can bring your comfort levels up a few notches and live better. 

Open air

The biggest advantage of bifold doors is in air circulation. Unlike a sliding door- half of which is always closed- or a French door- which has support structures blocking air- bifold doors neatly fold over each other and pack up at the very end and give you the largest opening possible. The giant openings are perfect as they allow plenty of airflow in and out of the room. Increased amounts of airflow can help decrease the room temperature naturally, whilst a constant supply of air will keep you feeling fresh.

Efficient Use of Space

Bifold doors can help you save a lot of space. As discussed before, a bifold door’s panels fold over each other until they form a nice and compact pack at the end. When compared to French doors, this a vast improvement. A French door more often than not opens inwards and needs a lot of space just to stay open. Also, the larger French door you get, the larger opening radius you will have to account for, taking away yet more real estate. With bifold doors, you can feasibly go as big as you want and still not have to worry about clearing out the front of the door in order to accommodate the turning radius. 

Better Access to The Outdoors

Bifold doors open up a nice huge gap in your wall. This is a major advantage as now you can have an unimpeded access to the outdoors. In homes with yards and gardens, this is especially helpful as you can now, if you want, literally unify your garden and the indoors without much of an issue. For people who like outdoor activities like making something on the grill, having the outdoors and indoors be seamlessly connected can be a game changer. Once again, when compared to a French door or a sliding door, your access to the outside world is either going to be limited because of support bars or it might just be half blocked. 


So far, as we have talked about the usability benefits of bifold doors, you might have had a feeling that all this comfort thankfully, they actually do not. Bifold doors of most kinds are far safer than a sliding or a French door. A sliding door usually only has one point of contact- the latch. French doors on the other hand are incrementally better at an average of two contact points. These doors fade in comparison to bifold doors. For large bifold doors intended to be used facing out of the house, it is common to have two or more locking pins per panel. This greatly multiplies the amount of contact and improve overall sturdiness a lot. 

Increase the Value of Your House 

If you need to increase the value of your house in a pinch, going for a bifold door can be the smartest idea ever. Bifold doors manage to improve on the trifecta of looks, practicality and security which drags up the value of your property. These doors look smart and neat, improve the living experience whilst also allowing you to sleep better at night thanks to the much-improved safety. All these upgrades directly correlate to a higher valuation of your home. 


Bifold doors are a great upgrade to any home. Such doors can take home and improve it is many different ways. Better looks, more safety, better air circulation- bifold doors are the whole package. If you are in the market for a door, you must put some thought into bifold doors as they provide the most value for you money.