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The Financial Advantage Of Upgrading Your Windows In Your Home

Since the down turn in our economy we are all looking at ways to cut our energy costs in our homes. With rising fuel prices and carbon taxes the cost of heating our homes has become a huge burden. There are not many products that can pay for themselves over the coming years and continue to save money from there on. 

If your windows are old double glazing or pre 2004 you are losing money through heat loss through your existing windows. If you have single glazed windows you are just keeping out the wind and the rain.

By installing our Triple Shield windows and door system you can make serious savings. The average three bed semi over a ten year period could save as much as €9000 and 47 tonnes of CO2. At the time of writing this article we were offering prices for a three bed semi from €4750 including vat. The vat can be offset with the HRI scheme against your taxes. This leaves the cost of your investment at €4185. This is a fantastic value for money and the payback is made very quickly and the investment will continue to make savings over the coming years.

Explaining u-values in simple

Old double glazing has a centre pane u-value of 2.8, or in golf terms a 28 handicap. Single glazing has a u-value of 5.8 or once again in golf terms a 58 handicap which there is no such thing. The new double glazed units of today give you a u-value of 1.1 or let’s say an 11 handicap. U-values work the same as golf, the lower the handicap the better you are and the lower the u-values the better for saving on energy costs.

The New Buzz word Triple Glazing

Now we come to the new buzz word triple glazing. Triple glazing has been around for a while now but it is only recently that it has made remarkable improvements to the industry. Up till recently the majority of window and door systems were only able to accommodate 24mm or 28mm double glazed units. There has been companies offering 28mm triple glazed units in the past but this is only pulling the wool over people’s eyes. Triple glazing must be a least 36mm wide to give a decent u-value rating. Triple glazing can achieve a centre pane u-value of .6 and if the unit can go wider as in our Aludclad system which has a triple glazing of 52mm wide this can achieve a centre pane u-value of .5