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Aluclad Window and Door System

Aluclad with a Difference

There is a lot of Aluclad systems been imported from abroad that is not totally suited for our Irish Climate. The majority of systems clip on the aluminium to the timber leaving a gap between the timber and the aluminium section. This gap is used for drainage of excess water from rain which we have plenty of, but the real difference is that our climate has compared to were theses systems originate from is dampness. With our humidity  been so high especially during winter months this does not allow the timber to dry out properly and the timber starts to rot our many years.

The Aluclad system from D.L Windows is called EKOCLAD and was designed to cope with the damp harsh weather that we are exposed to here in Ireland. Specific drainage channels were designed to deal with the excess water. At no point does the engineered timber  come in contact with moisture. The aluminium section that was designed is bonded with a special adhesive which also insulates between the timber and the Aluclad. 

The EKOCLAD window and door system from D.L Windows keeps to traditional designs such as opening out vents to be flush both inside and outside. This truly remarkable feature can accommodate triple glazed units of 52mm in thickness. Compared to our competitors, this makes the EKOCLAD system truly standout as the appearance of the window system has sleek lines, not to mention there is a lot more aluminium in the sections making the system immensely strong.