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R7 Casement Windows

R7 Flush Sash casement windows bring all the beauty of heritage designs, without any of the drawbacks. Whether your home is a traditional country house or modern city flat, the R7 Flush Sash brings elegance and quality into every home. Designed to match the appearance of timber, the R7 Flush Sash casement has all of the style with none of the setbacks. Using equal sightlines, the window frames appear the same width, to give your property an understated symmetrical perfection.With seven chambers and boasting a u-value of .8, and with 44mm triple glazing you won’t find a window that looks so simple yet so flawless. Performance & Style the R7 Flush Window systems offers you the very best in performance and style, with a range of colours and options to suit your needs. Whether you want traditional or contemporary style windows with equal sightlines inside and out, the R7 Windows has it all to complement your home.The R7 Flush window has been carefully designed to provide you with high performance and the very best in finishes and styles.More information   Click here