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Saving on Energy Bills

At the present time, we are all looking at ways to save on our fuel bills. Never before did it make more sence to up grade your windows to more energy efficient windows. Windows and doors that are over fifteen years old are much less energy efficient in both terms of heat loss through air leakage through poor seals and less heat retention through the glass and frames. 

The window and door industry has moved on execptionally in the last fifteen years. The buzz word "u-value" has appeared in this time frame and the window and door industry had to adapt to this change.

D.L Windows is at the forefront in terms of achieving low u-values. All our u-pvc windows today are 5 chambered to give maximium insulation and partnered with our optiwhite Low-e A Rated glass units, you can be assured we are giving you the very best on the market today.

Gasket seals play a very important part in heat retention around window openings and with our advanced qulon gaskets you can also be assured that no air will penetrate your new windows and preventing the outside weather conditions having an effect on your home. (More information on Qulon gaskets)

All our u-pvc windows have energy verification by the BFRC in the UK. The fact we manufacture all our windows and doors, we put every effort to bring to you the customer the very best the market can offer.